Maintenance Agreement


This Maintenance Agreement will include:

  1. Unlimited fixes to the project.
  2. Communication with the hosting provider, if the project is web-based, and is not hosted by ACE’s.
  3. The maintenance period will be no longer be the period specified in any signoff (if applicable) but rather for the life time of this agreement, which will start from the date that the last person signed this agreement.
  4. Whenever required, ACE’s will come onsite to the client in order to troubleshoot.


This Maintenance Agreement will exclude:

  1. Resolving issues and recovering data that have occurred from third-party, such as updates and hosting issues if not hosted with ACE’s.
  2. If this project is hosted with ACE’s, the Hosting Agreement takes precedence to this one. Any terms that are not part of the Hosting Agreement, but are part of this agreement, are also applicable.
  3. Upgrades, add-ons, and changes to mechanisms that were implemented and approved in the past. Such upgrades will be discussed and invoiced separately, and may fall under this Maintenance Agreement once in place.
  4. Resolving issues that resulted from actions taken against ACE’s recommendations, or environmental accidents.
  5. Any costs requiring from third-party such us the cost of equipment or hosting, if not hosted with ACE’s.
  6. Any exclusions will be priced and invoiced separately.


  1. ACE’s will respond to all disruption within 3 hours. However, the client understands that some interruptions may take longer depending on their nature. Temporary measures will be taken whenever possible.
  2. Non-Urgent issues will be addressed within 2 business days.
  3. The client will submit incidents by:
    1. Emergencies: call or text;
    2. Non-emergencies by email.
  4. ACE’s reserves the right to change these methods in the future, which the client will use when indicated. All incidents will be resolved as soon as possible.
  5. The client will report any issues immediately in order to avoid worsening of the situation.
  6. The client will assist ACE’s in order to troubleshoot remotely via phone, email, text, chat before ACE’s will make an onsite visit, if this is part of the maintenance.
  7. The client will disclose any credentials required in order to troubleshoot the issues.
  8. ACE’s will consider issues as resolved when there is no reply to any follow up questions.