Software & Website Development Agreement


With respect to the quote or proposal received separately with the link to this agreement, in order to guarantee successful project delivery, both ACE’s and the client agree to the following:

  1. ACE’s agrees to deliver this project within the time indicated from the time of approval.
  2. The client agrees to respond to any emails, text messages and phone calls within 2 business days, otherwise the timeline may be extended.
  3. ACE’s may be able to provide faster delivery for some projects for additional costs.
  4. ACE’s will ensure that the application will be functional and attractive in all modern browsers and devices. However, ACE’s cannot extend the same guarantee for older technologies, or for browser updates made 3 months after the final sign-off of this project.
  5. If hosted elsewhere, ACE’s will not be responsible for any failures resulting from server or third-party changes.
  6. The client promises to pay ACE’s as outlined in the Payment Schedule. Where ACE’s promises to provide the client proof of payment within 2 business days of receipt.
  7. In the event that the client cancels the project, ACE’s will charge 10% of the project cost plus for any work completed before cancellation.
  8. In the event that ACE’s is unable to fulfill its commitment due to their fault, it will refund the client any funds received in full.
  9. This quote is valid for period of 60 days.
  10. Any extra features, components or upgrades that are beyond the scope outlined in the quote or proposal document may add to the time and cost.
  11. The client promises that all content (text, images, videos, music, etc.) will be ready at the start of the project, otherwise there will be a delay in delivery.
  12. ACE’s will assume that any content and images provided by the client is licenced to them and ACE’s will hold no responsibility for any copyright infringements.
  13. ACE’s will fix any errors reported by the client within 30 calendar days from launch, providing it has adequate access if not hosted on ACE’s servers. Additional maintenance maybe provided at cost after this period.
  14. All invoices will have NET 30 terms, unless otherwise negotiated.
  15. Any invoice discrepancies will need to be reported to ACE’s within 14 days of the date of the invoice.
  16. If there is third-party integration, such as ecommerce component, the client promises to provide ACE’s their credentials for the purpose of connecting to the third-party. ACE’s can assist the client in creating/recovering such credentials, and promises only to use these credentials for the purposes of developing and troubleshooting modules around this project.
  17. Any third-party costs resulting from API usage or hosting (if not hosted with ACE’s) will be the client’s responsibility.
  18. For websites, ACE’s will present the client with up to 2 design concepts and up to 3 revisions on the chosen concept.
  19. This project will have sign-offs as outlined in the proposal or quote.  The client agrees to meet with ACE’s at a convenient location to the client in order to provide sign-offs. ACE’s will provide the client with sign-offs ahead of the meeting via email, so the client can review.
  20. Unless otherwise specified by client in writing with this agreement, ACE’s may choose to showcase this project on their portfolio, in whole or in part, filtering out any sensitive information.
  21. Any terms or conditions in a specific proposal or quote supersedes any conflicts in this agreement.