Dear Friends,

Since the Global Pandemic struck our country, Canadians affected in ways never experienced before. These activities include the most essential ones that we all took for granted including socializing, recreating and entertaining.

COVID-19 has brought a new way of living, as well as working and conducting business. We are now in the phase of adapting to a New Normal. ACE’s has aligned its services to help their valued clients and new customers adjust their operations as well. This includes:

  • Setting up Remote Access to files for those that work from home
  • Collaboration & Webinar Tools for remote teams
  • Remote Computer & Networking Assistance (maintaining social distancing)
  • Quickly Adjusting & Launching websites to inform your customers
  • Manual & Automated Mail Blasts
  • Social Media Updates
  • Data Entry & Bookkeeping

ACE’s continues to offer Hosting Services and Customized Solutions. We can address your immediate needs as quickly as possible, then work with you on a more permanent solution as we all adjust to the New Normal.

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Stay well and stay safe.

Aleksandar Poposki,
Founder & Developer

Direct: (647) 402-3142
Toll Free & Fax: (800) 627-5930