Built a unique CRM platform

Aces-Project is an expert software developer that has built a unique CRM platform that will promote any small business including not for profit agencies as ours, Second Chance to grow extensionally.

Aleks created a simple client based tracking tool that captures all our clients, the services we offer, appointments and analytics of our business at a fractional rate.

Aleks is professional with his work and can assist with mobile apps, hosting, integration, websites and more.  Great team effort Aces-Project. All the best.

Valerie A.
Second Chance


Give their customers exactly what they promise

It has been the highest and most pleasurable experience working with Aleks and Nataliia of Ace’s Project Development Inc.

From our initial face-to-face meeting, and two subsequent meetings since, their personal approach to understanding my business’ online needs was exemplary.  Aleks (the programmer) was always quick to respond to my email queries, and Nataliia always picked up the phone when I had a question.

The contract they provided and amended at my bequest was clear and straightforward, and they kept every promise listed.  They are an honest and good-natured team, who will give their customers exactly what they promise, and at a fair price.  Highly recommend doing business with them.

Tim B.
Southern Time Productions