Software Development Projects

My Local Advantage

My Local Advantage
My Local Advantage, Detailed View
My Local Advantage, Invoice
E-commerce website that features a different deals from local businesses with a comprehensive backend that includes the following modules:
Checkmark Member Login and Signup.
Checkmark Members are able to purchase multiple deals in a single transaction. All deals delivered in a printable PDF with a unique random redemption number.
Checkmark Users with Business privileges are able to view the amount of deals sold for their business, filtering by type and customer.
Checkmark Businesses also have access to a Redemption module that they would use when a customer shows up with a deal, ensuring that the deal was not redeemed previously.
Checkmark Users with Admin privileges have the ability to add new businesses, and manage their deals, including uploading images, expiration time and quantity limit.
Checkmark Each of the three user levels is able to produce their own set of reports.
Checkmark Click here to see frontend (sample deals only).

Dispatch & Commission System

Dispatch System, Dispatch
Streamlines daily operations of dispatch center in processing trip requests, including:
Checkmark Trips in Dispatch are colour-coded based on type and status.
Checkmark Assigning a vehicle based on its capacity and number of passengers for a particular booking.
Checkmark Each booking is treated like a file with a unique booking number that contains details such as name, pickup and transaction details.
Checkmark A booking can be made directly or through third party. This system also tracks commissions. Different commission rates are tracked for each reseller.
Checkmark Daily Manifest is generated for each driver that is grouped by location and time for their pickups.
Checkmark Search Bookings module is available to search by a range of criteria including booking number, name, comments, reseller, etc.
Checkmark A wide variety of reports is available through this system, in both PDF and Excel.

Integrated Shopping Carts

City Sightseeing Toronto, Shopping Cart
Sightseeing Toronto, Shopping Cart
An integrated shopping cart between City Sightseeing Toronto (CSST), Niagara (CSSN), and Sightseeing Toronto (SST) that share one backend that includes:
Checkmark The CSST and CSSN allow buyers to specify the ticket categories for the tour that they wish to take.
Checkmark The SST cart offers buyers more flexibility so they can mix and match categories and tours within a single purchase.
Checkmark When purchased made from any of the three carts, they are registered in one backend module, where employee can confirm that the tickets have not been previously redeemed by scrolling or using search filter.
Checkmark Employees also have access to a Phone Booking module where they can take orders over the phone with a simple interface, making it easy for them to choose products, categories, enter payment and other information.
Checkmark Administrative users also have the ability to setup promotions with time and number limits. Promotions can be set in percentage or dollar values.
Checkmark Admins also have the ability to change ticket prices and run a number of reports.
Checkmark You can see the frontend of CSST, CSSN, or SST by clicking on the respective links.

Technical Ticketing & Hardware Management

Ticket Posting
Ticket Listing
Technician's Ticket Details
Hardware Listing
Hardware Details
Access-based solution intended for network administrators and users within a small Local Area Network. Major features include:
Checkmark A screen that the network user can either submit an issue or request. They would also specify a category that is pre-defined by the admin.
Checkmark Ticket details also include computer name, error code and message and description. Once the user posts the ticket, the administrator is notified by an email.
Checkmark Admins can login to the app and search by ticket number, error code, keyword or by status.
Checkmark Admins can also modify original information, assign a priority, assign it to an employee, subcontractor or vendor, and add a resolution comment and keywords for future reference.
Checkmark A Hardware Manager module is used to track information for each component in the network for the admin’s reference, including cost and warranty.

Business Management

Business Management, Employees
Business Management, International Settings
Business Management, Suppliers
Business Management, Sub-Category Details
Business Management, Units of Measure
Business Management, Part Details
Small software used by a manufacturing business that specializes in building assembly lines for the automotive and mining industry. The components included:
Checkmark An Employees module.
Checkmark Customers and Suppliers modules.
Checkmark An International Settings module that is used to properly format phone numbers for a given country in which customer and supplier are located.
Checkmark Contact Details include account number, several of telephone numbers, email address, locations and comments.
Checkmark A module that is used to create custom cost and weight formula for each part.
Checkmark Part Details screen that controls stock information, reminders and cost based on the custom formula entered.

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